Akademi Tehnik Mesin Industri (ATMI) Cikarang Competition for Suistainable Construction

The ATMI Cikarang competition, organized by Holcim, calls for a masterplan concept design for 4.4 hectares land, together with the 3 building designs, which are; Administration and Mechatronic Study Building and 2 Dormitories. Akademi Tehnik Mesin Industri (ATMI) is the first Academy for Manufacturing Engineering in Indonesia and still the best academy in Indonesia with the main criteria: research quality, graduate employability, international outlook and teaching quality. This project is made possible through the funding of Holcim, Siteco - and will be used by ATMI to expand their education core and supporting facilities. The site is located in the Jababeka Industrial Estate, strategically situated near various industries and within education compound.

9 (nine) architecture firms are invited for this competition and the 4 (four) shortlisted firms are as following; Adi Purnomo, Andra Matin Architect, Kind Architect and Urbane. Local and International Juries are held together to assess the design and planning proposals. The juries include; Prof. Gunawan Tjahjono (Head Jury), Alex Buechi (Holcim), Romo Moko (ATMI), Peter Bisseger (Siteco), Endy Subijono (IAI) and CK Tang (IEN) - each with different background to help provide complementary perspective and choose the winning scheme.

The Design proposal shall meet challenging requirement in responding to the 5 (five) Sustainable Construction Target Issues that are also used as judging criterias in Holcim Awards. The target issues assess the design proposals contribution to; 1. Progress (Quantum Change and Transferability), 2. Planet (Ecological Quality and Energy Conservation), 3. Prosperity (Economic Performance and Compatibility), 4. Peole (Ethical Standard and Social Equity), 5. Proficiency (Contextual and Aesthetic Impact). The proposal shall aim to be a role model for sustainable vocation school that can be transfered to other expansion in other vocational schools around the world."
Here are the result :

1. Ark Design (Paul T. Tan)Ark Design (Paul T. Tan) Ark Design (Paul T. Tan) Ark Design (Paul T. Tan) Ark Design (Paul T. Tan)


2. Urbane (Achmad Tardiyana)Urbane (Achmad Tardiyana) Urbane (Achmad Tardiyana) Urbane (Achmad Tardiyana) Urbane (Achmad Tardiyana)


3. Genesis (Yu Sing)Genesis (yu Sing) Genesis (yu Sing) Genesis (yu Sing) Genesis (yu Sing)


4. Kind Architect (Adji Negara)Kind Architect (Adji Negara) Kind Architect (Adji Negara) Kind Architect (Adji Negara) Kind Architect (Adji Negara)

5. Mamo Studio (adi Purnomo)Mamo Studio (adi Purnomo) Mamo Studio (adi Purnomo) Mamo Studio (adi Purnomo) Mamo Studio (adi Purnomo)


6. Baskoro Tedjo & Associates (Baskoro)Baskoro Tedjo & Associates (baskoro) Baskoro Tedjo & Associates (baskoro) Baskoro Tedjo & Associates (baskoro) Baskoro Tedjo & Associates (baskoro)


7. Aboday (Ary Indra)Aboday (ary Indra) Aboday (ary Indra) Aboday (ary Indra) Aboday (ary Indra)

8. Andra Matin Architect (Andra Matin)Andra Matin Architect (Andra Matin) Andra Matin Architect (Andra Matin) Andra Matin Architect (Andra Matin) Andra Matin Architect (Andra Matin)


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